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Having Julie work with me using energy work has been vastly beneficial and transformational. From the very first session I was able to let go of emotional issues causing rifts between my family and I, and I felt my body re-associate itself with the task of keeping me physically healthy. I was amazed to see my digestion and energy levels along with food cravings and nutritional deficiencies markedly improve. With patience, time, and careful attention to the root of problems, Julie has been lovingly working on me and each time I’ve felt the resonating power of healing and been made exponentially aware of the capacity to change. I feel so fortunate to have been touched through energy work and through Julie’s gifted and intuitive work.

Love, Fiona, Nashville, TN

I’m not sure what to say about Julie and her work, because nothing seems quite adequate. It also doesn’t seem right to talk of her work apart from her person. In a culture where “health” has become the new buzz word, and therefore at risk of losing its substance, Julie’s intuition, skill, and understanding of true health are refreshing and wholistic. Knowing Julie personally as well as having been one of her clients, I cannot recommend her enough. Seriously.

-Jake, Durham, NC

I must admit that when I first started working with Julie I had some reservations because of our age difference (I’m considerably older).  Julie put my concerns to rest in our first session.  She is one of the most gifted energy healers I have ever worked with.  Her knowledge, strength and suggestions shined through so clearly.  I have come to some discoveries with Julie’s help and guidance that have changed my life profoundly.  If you first come to Julie with some physical ailments or concerns you may also soon find yourself delving deeper into a remarkable self healing journey.  Enjoy, learn, grow.

-Eva, Miami, FL

For as long as I can remember I have struggled with anxiety. But after my first few sessions with Julie, I heard  my body for the first time. I learned to assess my cravings and the tension in my body. I didn’t need sweets; I needed sleep. I assessed my mental and physical needs. I didn’t have to go into panic mode; I needed to breathe. I could feel when I was taking on other people’s stress and emotional tension, and I learned how to release it so that I could be available to love my friends and family more fully but also take care of myself. And that is one of the most important lessons I learned from my six months with Julie: release the negativity, the tension, and the anxiety in order to love my body and nourish myself more fully, and from there experience true relationship with myself and others. Her health coaching program was truly one of the best decisions I have made for myself.

-Devin , Marion, Indiana

I met Julie through school and she immediately caught my attention when she explained to me what kind of energy work she did. I’ve had several sessions with her and she is always right on! Julie has helped me connect better with who I am and find my inner strength in order to find better health and body and mind connection. While working with Julie, my sleep has improved a great deal and I am very grateful. It is an amazing experience and I am so glad I let Julie in my life.

Thank you, Isabelle, Wilmington, DE